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We Are Mercator

Mercator is an international trading company, which begins with the passion and drive of its founders in Raleigh, NC in 2003. The high expectations and work ethic of our group has fueled our growth for over a decade. With markets constantly changing, Mercator eagerly continues to adapt and offer new and existing business partners a simple and profitable way of doing business.

Mercator is a team of experts dedicated to the export/import of agricultural products worldwide. We bring global procurement, professional logistics, and exceptional service to our customers. Mercator’s expertise and the collaboration of our affiliated companies, Mercator Mundi in Mexico and Mercator Orbi in Canada, allow us to provide extensive alternatives for both our suppliers and customers globally.

Our mission is solid and timeless: To professionally market and distribute our suppliers products while thoroughly satisfying our customers requirements for agriculture supply.

We envision Mercator continuing to provide manufacturers and suppliers alternative channels to promote and distribute their products. A place where our customers can develop ideas and find solutions for their agricultural necessities. Inspiring our employees to be the best that they can be in a work environment where they can find continued career growth.


Marketing and Procurement

Mercator is a marketing organization encompassing market awareness. Our multilingual team of traders knows and understands the markets we serve. This provides our suppliers and customers with cutting edge service and opportunities. From our beginning, Mercator has built a solid reputation by promoting the growth of solid business relationships. We help purchasers trace and understand their current supply base as well as aid with product development and global sourcing of any of your agricultural needs.


Mercator handles all shipping requirements for both inbound and outbound activity. We accept a transaction as completed when the product reaches its final destination intact and on time. We utilize all modes of transportation from steamships and freight trains to long-haul trucks and planes to deliver goods. Mercator promises only what we can deliver.


Our detailed and dedicated professionals are well prepared to handle the necessary documentation from the initial order through the delivery of each shipment. Mercator’s business partners can rest assured that we provide accurate documentation for all orders in a timely and efficient manner.


As a true marketing and distribution company, Mercator buys and takes legal possession of all the products we trade. This assures the foreign buyer of our direct responsibility for the product under contract, and assures our supplier of timely, no-risk payments. Mercator has worked with integrity over the years to earn the trust of buyers, suppliers and financial institutions, and has built a reputation as a financially strong corporation.

Our Products

Importers and Exporters can now use the assistance of Mercator´s representatives to promote and obtain high quality agriculture commodities.



Increase Sales and Profits:

Exporting or importing your company´s line of products increases both productivity and profitability and improves your competitive advantage. Opening new doors for your company will provide a new global perspective and can facilitate improvements with existing and new products.


Short-Term Security:

By expanding into international markets and spreading your risk over a wider supplier and customer base, companies become less dependent upon the ups and downs of the domestic economy and the likes/dislikes of the consumers.


Long-Term Security:

North America is a large market with a wealth of opportunity, but it is also a mature market with intense competition from domestic and increasingly foreign competitors. We are approaching the day when we will be doing business in a single “global market” instead of foreign and domestic markets. For most food and agricultural companies, international trading is not only a way to maximize profits, but also represents the future of their business tomorrow.
Jobs/Economic Activity:

Food and agricultural commerce are extremely important to any economy. The constant growth of agricultural distribution generates employment and income in rural and Urban Areas.

We source necessities for agricultural supply, worldwide

- Mercator, Inc. -

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